Apply for a test online

Apply for a test online

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Go to

Select your ‘Country & Location’ desired, then click on ‘Find Sessions’ to find available test dates.

Select test date & module (Academic/General Training)

–          (existing users) login to your MIE account and go to Step 3.

–          (new users) create your MIE account – go to Step 2a

Fill in all mandatory fields & upload a scanned copy of your passport.


If you don’t have a family name, please put a hash (-) in the family name field. Do NOT enter anything else in that field.

name as in pp2

Make sure you include ALL your middle names – your name has to be EXACTLY as in your passport!

name as in pp

Copy of your passport must clearly show the following:

–           Bio page with your photo, full name and date of birth

–          Passport number & expiry date of passport

–         Your signature

Proceed to the ‘Application details’ page. Complete all mandatory fields & click ‘Continue’.

If you would like the test centre to send copies of your test results to a professional organization, fill in the relevant details on the ‘Recognizing Organizations’ page. Make sure you provide correct address of the organization for postage of results.

Make a payment.

Please check if you are required to pay the GST:

GST-free Cairns $330 / Townsville $490: 

Access to education

Membership of a professional or trade association

Registration or licensing for a particular occupation


Immigration – Skilled Migration for any of the above

GST-inclusive: Cairns $363 / Townsville $539:

Other – including other categories of immigration (e.g. Permanent Residency)

Payment options available:

1) Online: PayPal and credit cards.

2) Cash at test centre (130 McLeod Street, Cairns).

3) Credit/debit cards – please call test centre on 4031 3466.